Trulife’s topics tackle serious problems in the lives of young people. Each topic is carefully chosen, in alignment with the Life Orientation syllabus, and the production, workshops and curriculum for that topic are designed with a specific grade in mind. This ensures the material is appropriate and grabs the attention of the audience, leaving a lasting impact.

We tackle these topics in four different mediums

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Live productions

Combine dance, drama, poetry and media into engaging, dynamic performances that challenge young people and grip their attention.

interactive worskops

Are led by our young and relevant team, providing learners with mentorship and the chance to unpack the topics in greater depth.

Dynamic Seminars

Cover niche topics in more detail, and are presented in a creative lecture-style format that engages the audience with challenging topics.

Original Curriculum

Offers teachers a 4-week lesson plan, in both printed and digital format containing videos, worksheets and more.

primary schools

Grade 5


South Africa has reached a “national crisis” as bullying has become an absolute epidemic in schools around our nation. This topic challenges young people to value the differences in others.  We confront the absurdity of cyber, physical and emotional bullying; encouraging students to stop bringing others down and instead build them up.

Grade 6

peer pressure and identity

At this stage in their lives, young people struggle to come to terms with who they are and where they fit in. This topic deals specifically with conformity and promoting a healthy self-identity through the comical “Copyright” production, engaging workshops and colourful curriculum. Individuals are challenged to embrace their own identity and to use their unique talents and abilities to add to the bigger picture.

grade 7


In todays social media age, we have found that the young people of today are being taught that influence means fame or popularity and they aren’t taught to utilize their leadership ability for change. With our “Generation Me” we aim to show young people that their voice matters and that influence and leadership are tools that should be used to make the community around them a better place. The goal is to encourage the students that they should be the change they want to see in the world. 

HIgh schools

grade 8

drugs & alcohol addiction

Highlighting the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse, as well as the peer-pressure environment that often leads to addiction, this topic encourages students to make wise and healthy choices for their lives and futures. By focusing on positive messages, and real-life testimony, students are challenged with the questions,  “What will your story be?”.

grade 9

sex and healthy relationships

We look at the flippancy of the current sex culture, the dangers of treating sex too casually, and how often young people confuse sex with love. We believe that young people need to have their thinking challenged in this area and be more selective about what behaviours they accept. Individuals are encouraged to set a higher standard: “Abstinence, marriage, sex… It works every time!”

grade 10

social justice

This topic confronts the problems of discrimination in our nation, encouraging students to work hard to overcome the racism, classism or sexism of their pasts. Honest conversation is encouraged, in a way that is non-threatening and seeks solutions, with an overarching theme of celebrating the hope that remains for South Africa’s future.

grade 11-12

Human trafficking

Human trafficking is the fastest growing global crime with more that 45 million people trapped in slavery.  Through the live production, workshops, curriculum and seminars, we bring awareness to the reality of Human Trafficking, educating students in order to prevent them from being trafficked and informing them of what they can do to help prevent the increase of this horrific pattern of modern-day slavery.


Seminars offer the chance to address niche subjects related to the broader topic above. These take the form of a one/two-person led interactive lecture, with demonstrations, videos, printed content and more.  Currently the seminar topics Trulife offer are;

primary schools

high schools

Leadership / Human Trafficking / Girls Identity / Boys Identity / Social Media 

Pornography & Sexting / Mental Health / Leadership / Social Media Safety