Trulife is always on the move, with different events and tours happening frequently. Below you’ll also find some opinion pieces of current issues affecting South Africa and the rest of the world. 

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Every week, a member of the Trulife team will share their thoughts on a social issue/relevant issue through the writing of a blog post. Articles may be referenced, click below to read Tristan Abrahams explaining how we can Be the Change in our everyday lives.

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The Trulife calendar is filled with exciting tours and special events. Please click below to see whats passed and whats coming up. 

blogs and articles

The misconception:

The idea of bringing about change or making an impact in the world can be quite a daunting one for most teens and young adults. When we think about our society which is so heavily plagued with injustice and pain it’s easy to start feeling like any attempt at bringing about change would be inadequate.  There is a misconception that in order to bring about lasting change you need to reach thousands of people and be known by many. We trick ourselves into believing that bringing about change requires huge fame and skill, and this idea ultimately traps us. It traps us into believing that we are small and inadequate, and it stops us from stepping out and attempting to make a difference at all.

The truth is, change starts with you! It starts with you realizing that you have the ability to impact the world around you. It starts with young people realizing that their voice truly has the power to bring about change, and it starts with realizing that making a difference in the world is not always about reaching many people but rather about impacting one life. Bringing about change should be driven by a personal desire to help change the lives of people around us. When we focus on impacting one life it takes bringing about change from being just a dream into being something practical and attainable. I truly believe that real change starts with the little things, it starts with us stepping out and thinking of ways that we can make a positive impact in the lives of people around us. It starts with something as small as choosing to be kind always and having empathy for people who are less fortunate. Your small gesture of kindness could motivate others around you to also step out in kindness 

I believe that we’re all born with a passion and a purpose for our lives. Each one of us has something unique to offer the world around us. The best way to bring change is to use what you’re passionate about to make a positive impact in people’s lives. For example, if you are passionate about baking, why not have a bake sale at your school to raise funds for a local charity. I want to encourage you to find out what you’re passionate about, what is it that you love to do? Once you figure that out, think of ways you could use that to make a difference in your school or community. Most importantly know that you have the ability to do great things – you have a voice that has the power to help people around you, so use it! And know that we can change the world around us by simply changing “one life at a time”.

past and upcoming events


Trulife has been to Johannesburg three times this year, all three trips were a resounding success. We were able to reach schools all over the city and in Pretoria as well. Trulife has also spent a week in the Hilton area, we went into the more rural communities and were able to raise awareness on Human Trafficking and Substance Abuse. Please click below to check out how the last tour went. 

past events

In June, Trulife hosted its annual Golf day and it was such an incredible day of Golf and a successful fundraiser. This past October, Trulife hosted its first DNA Night with the goal of raising awareness on Substance abuse and Drug addiction. Please click below to see how these evnts have gone

upcoming events

Trulife has exciting tours and events planned for 2020

  • Tour to Richards Bay  

Over two days, February 12-13, Trulife will hit the road and go visit two schools in Richards Bay .

  • Tour to JHB 

From the 16th of February to the 20th, Trulife will head to Johannesburg for the first of many tours planned for the year. 


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