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Live productions combine dance, drama, poetry and media into engaging performances, which cover a range of significant topics. Each production topic is carefully researched and chosen based on schools’ needs, close study of the Life Orientation Curriculum, and a knowledge of what social or health problems most need addressing in that specific age group. 

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how they work

A completed production is between 45 and 55 minutes in length. This is a carefully considered timeframe that allows enough depth in the material, without becoming so long that the students watching lose interest, as well as allowing an easy fit into the school timetable. The performances jump from onstage acting, to filmed scenes, dance, spoken word poetry, media pieces, all created with the students’ interests in mind. This ensures that what is being presented is immediately appealing and perceived as fresh, relevant, exciting and ultimately encourages a stronger “buy in” to the message  presented. 

At the end of each production a short talk is given by one of the senior team members to summarise what was presented and drive home the key lessons learnt in that production.