Trulife Internship

If you care about changing the world and using the creative arts to do it, then the Trulife Internship is the perfect fit for you!

Through creative mediums such as dance, drama, media, poetry and song our team of highly skilled and trained performers bring fresh on-stage messages that come alongside the Life Orientation syllabus to address vital subjects such as bullying, self-identity, addiction, sex, justice and human rights. 

The Trulife Internship is an opportunity for young guys and girls between the ages of 17 and 23 to enter the world of creative arts and gain professional hands-on experience.

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Who is this for


As a production company our goal is to produce high quality actors and actresses. We offer drama classes and training, with the goal of getting you on stage and performing  in your sweet spot.


From sound and lights to video and graphic creation we do it all. All our content is home grown and you have the ability to learn from some of the most creative people about video editing, graphic design and animation.

It's waiting for you _____


All our production have an aspect of dance. We have an incredible dance team, who specialise in hip hop, contemporary and modern dance. 

What to expect

Productions – Join our performers out at schools to do what we do best. Our productions cover a range of topics and age-groups, but all of them are fun, high-energy, high-standard and multi-genre performance pieces. Depending on your interests, you could be involved as an actor, dancer, media creator, or theatre technician.

Team Building – This is time set aside to connect and communicate as a team. Apart from a lot of fun, we also engage in leadershIp development, with interesting workshops, guest speakers and more.

Bible College – On Wednesday mornings the whole Trulife team attends Open Skies Bible College. This is a time set aside for us to learn, grow, be challenged and mature spiritually.

 Team Day – Each Wednesday is our “in-house day” where we focus on you and your development. We will rehearse and create new content. These days are used to create space where individuals can grow practically and emotionally.

Workshops – These are run after the performances out at schools. Workshops are an opportunity to connect with young people in our city on a one-on-one basis, building relationships and mentoring students on important topics.

Creative Streams – Creative Streams are lectures and practical classes that you attend on a Wednesday afternoon which allow you the opportunity to grow in performance art and creativity. There are currently three streams you will receive training in, dance, drama and media.


We do everything we can to keep our internship costs as low as possible, and to ensure you get the maximum benefit out of the year. To secure your place on the team the following is required:

–        R2000 deposit by 10 December to book your place in the program

–        R5000 per Term (total of R20 000 for the year, payable monthly, termly or in advance)

This fee includes: Harvest Bible College (3 lectures per week); Leadership Training and Resources; Transport costs to and from productions; Team building and leadership training; Creative training; Production necessities (your costumes, personal equipment etc.), tour costs (accommodation, food etc.)

We have a range of bursary options, fill out the form below and we will be in contact with you regarding payment options.

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