Trulife is so aware of the many different issues and pressures people are facing in their everyday lives. We want to help. Please look below to find help in any issues you might be dealing with or to find some ways to best assist someone dealing with any of the issues below.

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Bullying is a serious issue in schools and communities that can harmfully impact the way people grow up.  

Read more about how to identify and deal with bullying


There are so many different types of life damaging addictions.  Click on the first button for help with substance abuse 

Click here for help with Porn Addiction 


Abuse of any kind is never okay. It is important to get help for yourself or your friend/family after any form of assault. 

Please click here to find out the best way to report, handle and heal from these issues.


Human Trafficking is major issue in Africa. Men and women of all ages and races can fall victim to it. 

Read more to better educate yourself on this issue and show your support


Mental health impacts every aspect of life. Whether it is anxiety, depression, eating disorders or other issues, help is available. 

Click here for more information on mental health and the best way to handle it.