Teachers have an incredible opportunity to influence the students in their care, yet often find themselves overwhelmed by the high-demands of their work, lack of support and limited resources. Trulife partners with schools and teachers, providing tailor-made programs that confront the issues facing students in a creative and relevant way.

We produce fresh, home-grown content that challenges students to set a higher standard for their lives. Our messages are grade specific, compliment the Life Orientation syllabus, and are presented by our team of young diverse leaders.

What we do

Below are the methods we use to reach young people around our country:

Live productions

Live productions combine dance, drama, poetry and media into engaging performances, which cover a range of significant topics. Each production topic is carefully researched and chosen based on schools’ needs, close study of the Life Orientation Curriculum, and a knowledge of what social or health problems most need addressing in that specific age group. 

A completed production is between 45 and 55 minutes in length. This is a carefully considered timeframe that allows enough depth in the material, without becoming so long that the students watching lose interest, as well as allowing an easy fit into the school timetable. The performances jump from onstage acting, to filmed scenes, dance, spoken word poetry, media pieces, all created with the students’ interests in mind. This ensures that what is being presented is immediately appealing and perceived as fresh, relevant, exciting and ultimately encourages a stronger “buy in” to the message  presented. 

At the end of each production a short talk is given by one of the senior team members to summarise what was presented and drive home the key lessons learnt in that production.

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“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”

Nelson Mandela

Interactive workshops

Interactive workshops are led by our team, providing learners with mentorship and the chance to unpack the topics a little deeper. The workshops are designed around the same topics as each production and can be booked for 45 minutes or longer, depending on the school’s needs.

Our production team lead smaller groups of pupils through games, discussions and reflection. The workshops allow for a more personal application of what was learnt in the production and give students the chance to voice their opinions and have any questions answered.

The feedback we have received is that the workshops are very meaningful and leave a lasting impression on those who attend them.

Dynamic Seminars

Dynamic seminars cover niche topics in more detail, presented in a creative lecture-style format. This is ideally suited as a follow-up resource to schools that have already had a production or workshop and explored the curriculum, but want to delve deeper into a particular aspect of that topic. 

The lectures are presented by one or two of our performance team, ensuring they are well communicated, and at a level that appeals to the students. Each seminar contains video content, demonstrations, printed content and an “action-response” moment. The current topics for seminars are:

Primary Schools

Leadership •

Human Trafficking •

Girls Identity •

Boys Identity • 

Social media •

High School

• Pornography & Sexting

• Mental Health

• Leadership

• Girls identity

• Boys identity

Original curriculum

Original curriculum offers teachers a high quality 4-week lesson plan, in both printed and digital format containing videos, worksheets and more. This resource can be used by teachers in the classroom. It is presented in a colour-printed, professionally bound book, which expands on the ideas brought across in the productions. The aim of this curriculum is to get the students to wrestle with the message and points them towards a practical application of it. Each production is paired with its own curriculum, and the material included within the curriculum is designed specifically with that Grade in mind. Along with each printed curriculum the teacher also receives a digital hard drive, which contains videos, presentations and printable resources.